About June

Artist - Caver

Bachelor of Arts - Fine Arts

Master of Arts - Aboriginal Studies

Honorary Life Membership of Cave Exploration Group of South Australia (CEGSA)

Certificate of Merit from Australian Speleological Federation (ASF)

(for the introduction and continued organisation of art exhibitions at ASF conferences, which have opened a new field of interest and participation for cavers)

Curriculum Vitae

Caver and Artist, Caves Aust. Dec 2009

Abseiling into Thampanna Cave, Nullarbor, 1998

Abseiling into Kubla Khan, Tas, 1998

Sentinal Cave, Nullarbor

Murrawijinie Cave, Nullarbor, 1993

Tantanoola Cave, SA

This was taken by a photographer for Who magazine, and published 3rd July 2000, p70-71 for an article "Cave Woman"June MacLucas by Helen Chryssides.

June caving in Corra-Lynn Cave, SA

Ross Bridge drawings, University of SA Museum Gallery, April, 1989.


ACH Group's Virtual SALA Exhibition, 2020

ACH Group's Virtual SALA Exhibition, 2020

Exhibition, Abercrombie Great Arch Cave, Aust Day 1998.

Angels/Dark Angel, University of Sydney, Open Day Celebration, Sep 1987

Grotesques & Gargoyles, Hindmarsh SA

Some Provincial Myths, Parkside, SA

Beneath the Mask, North Adelaide, SA, May 1991

Modern Dreams Medieval Alchemy, Nailsworth, SA

The Advertiser, Feb 1990

Beneath the Mask, North Adelaide, SA, May 1991