The Caves of NSW


Arch Cave, North Side, Acrylic/Pastel, Mounted, 100x70cm

Arch Cave, Acrylic/Pastel, Framed, 74x102cm

Bushrangers Cave, Acrylic/Pastel, Unframed, 70x50cm

Bushrangers Cave, Acrylic/Pastel, Unframed

Bushrangers Cave, Acrylic/ Pastel, 86x64cm   ACQUIRED   


Castle Cave, Pastel, Mounted, 28x38cm   ACQUIRED   

Castle Cave, 86x64cm   ACQUIRED   

Venus pool, Jersey Cave, Pastel/Acrylic, 86x64cm   ACQUIRED   

Venus pool, Jersey Cave, Framed, 26x21cm   ACQUIRED   

Coppermine Cave, Charcoal, Mounted, 86x64cm

Glory Hole, Acrylic/Pastel 64x86cm

Trickett Cave, Pastel/Charcoal/Acrylic Wash, 84x64cm   ACQUIRED   


Angel Wing, Cave Unknown, Acrylic/Pastel, Unframed, 58x42cm

Angel's Wing No 1, Temple of Baal, 86x64cm

Angel's Wing No 2, Temple of Baal, 86x64cm

Small side passage, bottom of River Cave, oil painting

Orient Cave, Indian Canopy, Oil Painting, Framed, 117x135cm

Organ Pipes, Chiefly Cave

Orient Cave, Indian Canopy   ACQUIRED   

Fluted Columns, Selina Cave, Acrylic wash/Pastel, Mounted, 32x44cm

Shower of Shawls, River Cave, 26x21cm   ACQUIRED   

Giant Shawl No 1, River Cave, 26x21cm   ACQUIRED   

Giant Shawl No 2, River Cave, 26x21cm   ACQUIRED   

Devil's Coach House, 86x64cm   ACQUIRED   


Creek Cave No 1, Painting, Framed, 26x21cm

Creek Cave No 2, Painting, Framed, 26x21cm

Tree & flood debris in Creek Cave, 26x21cm

Shawl, Kooringa Cave, 26x21cm   ACQUIRED   

Creek Cave

Exit, Creek Cave, Framed, 34x43cm   ACQUIRED   

Channel Incuts, Acrylic/Pastel, 86x64cm

Victoria Arch, Acrylic/Pastel, 74x102cm   ACQUIRED   

   ACQUIRED    = Sold, Gifted or Donated