The Caves of The Nullarbor

Cave paintings for sale

2nd chamber, Koonalda Cave, Nullarbor, SA, Acrylic/Pastel, 40x33cm

Sentinal Cave, Nullarbor   ACQUIRED   

Thampanna Cave, Nullarbor   ACQUIRED   

Murra-el-elevyn Cave, Nullarbor, 26x36cm   ACQUIRED   

Old Homestead, Nullarbor   ACQUIRED   

Goat Cave, Nullarbor, 74x102cm   ACQUIRED   

Thampanna Cave, Nullarbor, 74x102cm   ACQUIRED   

Webb's Cave, Nullarbor, 74x102cm   ACQUIRED   

Old Homestead, Nullarbor, 33x28cm   ACQUIRED   

Webubbie, Nullarbor, 33x28cm   ACQUIRED   

Murra-el-elevyn Cave, Nullarbor, 33x28cm   ACQUIRED   

Stag Demise, Thampanna Cave, Nullarbor, Acrylic/Pastel, 84x64cm   ACQUIRED   

Koomooloobooka Cave, Nullarbor, Charcoal   ACQUIRED   

Liars Dare, Nullarbor   ACQUIRED   

Goat Cave No 2, Nullarbor   ACQUIRED   

Thampanna Cave, Nullarbor

Sentinal Cave, Nullarvor   ACQUIRED   

Goat Cave, Nullarbor, 74x102cm   ACQUIRED   

Dingo Donga Cave, Nullarbor   ACQUIRED   

Mullamullang Cave, Nullarbor, Acrylic Paint/Wood Dyes 26x36cm

Old Homestead, Nullarbor, 26x36cm

Old Homestead, Nullarbor

Witches, Nullarbor, 26x36cm

Abrakurri Cave, Nullarbor, 26x36cm

Old Homestead, Nullarbor

Murra-el-elevyn Cave, Nullarbor

Tusk Cave, Nullarbor

Looking into Knowles Cave, Nullarbor, Charcoal, Unframed, 60x40cm

Looking out of Knowles Cave, Nullarbor, Charcoal, Mounted, 60x40cm

Old Homestead, Nullarbor, 120x60cm

Goat Cave, Nullarbor, 120x60cm

Thampanna Cave, Nullarbor, Charcoal

Thampanna Cave, Nullarbor, Charcoal

Witches Caves, Nullarbor, Paint, Framed, 39x33cm

Old Homestead, Nullarbor, Paint, 39x33cm

Old Homestead, Nullarbor

Thylacoleo (Marsupial Lion), Nullarbor   ACQUIRED   

Thylacoleo (Marsupial Lion), Nullarbor, 85x55cm

June sketching Thylacoleo

Bat, Nullarbor

Old Homestead Cave, Nullarbor, 39x33cm

Looking out Old Homestead Cave, Nullarbor, Acrylic/Pastel, Unframed, 70x50cm

South Entrance, Old Homestead Cave, Nullarbor, Mounted, 67x87cm

Looking out Old Homestead Cave, Nullarbor, Acrylic/Pastel, Unframed, 90x55cm

Nullarbor, Acrylic/Pastel, Unframed, 70x50cm

Tusk cave, Nullarbor, Charcoal, Framed, 84x64cm

Above surface, Thampana Cave, Nullarbor, Pastel, Unframed, 70x50cm

Thampana Cave, Nullarbor, Acrylic/Pastel, Unframed, 70x50cm

Webb Cave, Charcoal/Pastel, Unframed, 38x56cm

Mullamulang Cave, Framed, 49x33cm

South Entrance, Mullamulang Cave, Nullarbor, Pastel, Gold frame, 110x82cm

   ACQUIRED    = Sold, Gifted or Donated