Dream artwork for sale

The Last Dance, No. 1, Painting, 127x195cm

The Last Dance, No. 2, Pastel, 100x147cm

The Last Dance, No. 2, Pastel, 100x147cm

The unicorn and the tiger, a dream of two worlds, Acrylic-Pastel, 55x46cm   ACQUIRED   

Victim, Wickerman and girl tied up, Painting, 124x98cm

June standing next to Wickerman Drawing, Charcoal/Pastel

Birth/Sacrifice   ACQUIRED   

Trapped, Pastel, Framed, 50x45cm

The Banquet, 275x275cm, Charcoal, two drops of heavy paper, 1990

Transformation, 275x266cm, Charcoal/Oil stick, two drops of heavy paper, May 1992

Sacred Birth, Charcoal drawing, 3 drops heavy paper, 1989, 400x230cm

June standing next to Flight of the Soul, charcoal, 2 drops heavy paper, 272x266cm

Flight of the Soul, pastel, 80x54cm

Celtic Roots Generation Tree, Charcoal, 150x105cm

Celtic Roots Generation Tree, Pastel, Framed, 92x76cm

Punishment, Lion Man Punishing Female, Background Nun Praying, Framed, 50x50cm

Memory To Father, Burning Washing On Line, Framed, 130x160cm

A Rebirth, Dead Fox, Dead Goanna, Pastel, 22x18cm

Stillness, Man Floating, Framed, 50x50cm

Punishment For Greed, Green Man Threatening, Pastel/Acrylic, 22x18cm (In Frame 55x48cm)

Confinement & Freedom, Acrylic/Pastel, 182x130cm

Confinement & Freedom, Acrylic/Pastel, Framed, 50x40cm

Bittersweet, 3 Ages Of Life, (I Am All Three, Child, Lover and Crone) Drawing/Pastel, 160x114cm

June standing next to Bittersweet Drawing/Pastel

Nightmare In Liftwell, Coloured Pencil, 50x40cm   ACQUIRED   

Task set by the Black madonna, 182x130cm, Acrylic & Pastel, 1992

I went to a place for men only that were violent criminals. A dark woman appeared dressed as the Madonna. She ordered me to wash all their feet and then she left. In her presence all was quiet. When she left I could not control them. None would let me touch them except a little fair haired beautiful boy.

Encounter With Animus No.1, Acrylic/Pastel, Framed, 80x54cm

Encounter With Animus No.2, Acrylic/Pastel, Framed, 55x80cm

Encounter With Masked Archetype, Painting, 180x125cm   ACQUIRED   

Encounter With Masked Archetype, Acrylic/Pastel, Framed, 80x54cm

June standing next to Encounter With Masked Archetype, Charcoal, 205x133cm

June standing next to Torture Of The Soul, The Hanged Man

Holy Cow, Pastel, 80x54cm

June standing next to Holy Cow, Charcoal, 213x133cm

The Trial, Woman Lying Down In Front, Charcoal/Pastel, 268x260cm

June standing next to The Journey To The Unconscious, Pastel, 273x266cm

Tri-Person, Woman, Snake-Rooster, With Peacock Feathers, Framed, 52x80cm

A Rebirth, Bird Out Of Male, Pastel, 22x18cm

Gathering The Seed, Acrylic/Pastel, 50x40cm

Male Multiple Rebirth, Acrylic/Pastel, 50x48cm

Birth Of The Feminine, Acrylic/Pastel, Framed, 50x48cm

Girl In Swirling Well, A Rebirth, Charcoal, 165x133cm

Girl In Swirling Well, A Rebirth, Coloued Pencil, 50x40cm

June standing next to Girl In Swirling Well, A Rebirth, Charcoal

The Gift, Child Reaching Up, Coloured Pencil, 80x54cm

June standing next to The Gift, Child Reaching Up, Charcoal, 213x133cm

Deception, Girl On Rocking Horse & Natives, Pencil, Unframed, 75x55cm

June standing next to Deception, Girl On Rocking Horse & Natives, Charcoal/Oil Stick, 275x213cm

Slaying The Inner Beast, Acrylic/Pastel, Framed, 50x49cm

   ACQUIRED    = Sold, Gifted or Donated