Other Work


Carousel 1, Oil Painting, 150x120cm

Carousel 2, Oil Painting, 150x120cm

Carousel 3, Oil Painting, 150x120cm   ACQUIRED   

Carousel (small), Pastel, Unframed, 54x44cm


Task set by the Black madonna, 182x130cm, Acrylic & Pastel, 1992

I went to a place for men only that were violent criminals. A dark woman appeared dressed as the Madonna. She ordered me to wash all their feet and then she left. In her presence all was quiet. When she left I could not control them. None would let me touch them except a little fair haired beautiful boy.

3 stages of life, Bittersweet, Acrylic & Pastel, 160x114cm

Aged Roots, Confinement & Freedom, Acrylic & Pastel, 182x130cm

Aged Roots, Confinement & Freedom, Pastel, 55x45cm

The Last Dance, Drawing, 100x147cm

Mortality 1, Pastel, 100x65cm   ACQUIRED   

Age Series, Framed, Acrylic & Pastel, 150x122cm


Fear Of The Inner Child, Pastel/Charcoal/Acrylic Wash, 132x180cm

Journey to the Unconscious, Mixed Media, 273x266cm

Oil Painting, 140x190cm

Puberty with Barbie Dolls, 140x190cm

The Game, Puberty with Cards, Oil on Canvas, 140x190cm

Unsure, Oils on Canvas, 136x166cm


Beneath The Veil, Oil On Canvas, 88x120cm

The Balance In Life, Oil On Canvas, 88x120cm   ACQUIRED   

Free, Oil On Canvas, 88x120cm   ACQUIRED   

Girl with dog, We all have worries, Pastel, 100x62cm


Sisters 1, Oil Painting, 120x150cm

Sisters 2, Oil Painting, 120x150cm

Sisters 3, Unframed, Charcoal, 100x74cm

Sisters 4, Unframed, Charcoal, 100x74cm

Sisters 5, Unframed, Charcoal, 100x74cm


Two Angels, Charcoal, Mounted, 80x90cm

Angels with cross, Charcoal/Pastel/Acrylic, Unframed, 55x75cm

Gold Angel, Pastel, Unframed, 75x55cm

Angel with baby, Charcoal/Pastel/Acrylic, Unframed, 55x75cm


Nullarbor, Pastel, Unframed, 55x38cm

South Flinders, SA, Charcoal/Pastel, Unframed, 55x35cm

Cliff, Yorke Peninsula (near Rouges Point), SA, Unframed, 70x50cm


Seashell, Charcoal/Pastel, Unframed, 65x85cm

Flower, Pastel, Unframed, 50x60cm

Abstract, Acrylic, 103x75cm

Cocky, Pastel, Unframed, 75x55cm

Cocky Print, Acrylic, Unframed, 50x70cm

Parrots, Acrylic, Unframed, 50x70cm

Bat, Charcoal, Unframed, 70x50cm

Eagle, Pastel, Unframed, 70x50cm

Monkeys, Charcoal, Unframed, 75x57cm

Other Work

Communication with the Dead, Painting, 122x89cm

Folds, Oil Painting, 185x135cm

Folds, Pencil, Unframed, 85x54cm

Folds Material, Charcoal, Unframed, 75x57cm

The Dance, Acrylic/Pastel, Framed, 180x125cm   ACQUIRED   

War, Acrylic, 104x74cm

Chillagoe National Park, Lithograph, 55x36cm

   ACQUIRED    = Sold, Gifted or Donated