The Ross Bridge Drawings

South Arch No.2, John Calvin

South Arch No.2, Icon 56, Daniel Herbert

South Arch No.2, Icon 39

South Arch No.3, Icon 69

June working on North Arch No. 3

Condition of free rental space at Old Jam Factory artist in residence warehouse was to be opened to tourist visits. This space was used for one year to complete the six arches.

June standing next to North Arch No. 3 completed in Jam Factory Warehouse

June standing next to North Arch No. 3

Front on photo at a 90 degree corner at an exhibition

June working on South Arch No. 2

Another condition of free rental in Jam Factory Artist in Residence was if there was a main exhibition in the Large Warehouse Space, June could continue working in a storeroom with only access for two drops of drawing paper.

June showing full height of an arch at an exhibition.

The six arches on exhibition at Burnie Gallery, Tasmania.

Before June started the big arch drawings she commenced drawings of different icons that stood out, as some of the stonework was deteriorating (see following photo from north arch).
Then she noticed the often relationship between drawings.
Some of these drawings have been gifted to friends and two to Ross Museum, but she did not keep a copy of these.
The following drawings for sale are the ones left which were drawn before the large arches.

Comments -George Maclucas (husband to June)

Arch 3, Staghorn, Charcoal & Mounted, 55x75cm

South Arch No.1, 3&4th icon, Autumn with a figure shape, Charcoal & Mounted, 120x80cm

South Arch No.1, Skroll, Charcoal & Mounted, 55x75cm

South Arch No.3, Icon 92, Bird head & Serpent like one small skull, Charcoal & Mounted, 70x55cm

Main key arch, North No.1, Rat head wearing a crown, Charcoal & Mounted, 55x75cm

South arch No.3, Icon 86, Green man with skull, Charcoal & Mounted, 57x75cm

South Arch No.1, Icon 11/12/13/14, Renew & Eternal vine, Charcoal & Mounted, 120x80cm

South Arch No.1, Icon 26/27, Small skulls in vine pattern, Charcoal & mounted, 55x75cm

Charcoal, 100x75cm   ACQUIRED   

100x75cm   ACQUIRED   

Fight of God over evil, 125x80cm   ACQUIRED   

Maternal Renewal and Birth, 120x80cm

Keystone, North Arch No. 1, Symbol of Water God, 76x57cm

Tree Goddess with Child, 76x57cm

Two struggling monsters, Male and Female/Hell and Paradise, 76x57cm

Stag Horn -Great Father Figure. Underworld Celtic God Cernunnos, 76x51cm.

Symbol representing fertility, 76x56cm.

Small swirly shapes with cup like depressions at end, 70x57cm.

Celtic maternal symbol, Serpent and Bird, 76x57cm.

Autumn leaf man, Tryptych relaxing to the Sun God dancing Leaf Man, 120x81cm.

Mask of Daniel Herbet, 76x57cm.   ACQUIRED   


South Arch No.3, Icon 68, Weave pattern with mask shape in middle, Charcoal & Mounted, 55x75cm

Exhibition, Burnie, Tasmania, October 1989.

North Arch No.2 at Burnie Exhibition, 2009

   ACQUIRED    = Sold, Gifted or Donated